Detect, Protect, Perfect

Daiichi Sankyo UK is proud to work closely with the NHS to support the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan. The NHS Long Term Plan outlines several clinical priorities, chosen for their impact on the population’s health1

  • CVD and stroke prevention are listed among these priorities1

There are national objectives to improve the detection and treatment of people with the risk of CVD, and that specifically of atrial fibrillation (AF):2

  • 85% of the expected number of people with AF are to be detected by 20292
  • 90% of people with AF who are known to be at high risk of a stroke to be adequately anticoagulated by 20292

To support these ambitions, Daiichi Sankyo is committed to supporting population health initiatives which seek to improve all areas of the AF pathway – Detect, Protect, and Perfect.


What is Detect, Protect, Perfect?

Daiichi Sankyo UK (DSUK) have committed to provide ongoing support towards approved Detect, Protect and Perfect ‘DPP’ initiatives. The purpose of these initiatives is to:

  • Reduce the number of undiagnosed patients; and/or
  • Reduce the number of patients not anticoagulated; and/or
  • Improve patient management and / or adherence and/or
  • Improve patient safety 

The objective of the DPP agenda is to close treatment gaps and reduce variation in AF diagnosis and management. This could help to prevent the burden of AF-related stroke on the patient, their families and carers, and the NHS.

Such activities span across the AF pathway, including:

DETECT - Increasing the detection of AF to allow initiation of protective anticoagulation therapy 3

  • awareness campaigns
  • pulse checks 
  • detection devices 

PROTECT - To increase anticoagulation therapy for eligible patients to reduce the risk of stroke 3

  • initiation of anticoagulation where clinically appropriate 

PERFECT - To optimise anticoagulation therapy in both treatment-naïve patients and those who are receiving sub-optimal therapy 3

  • excellence in anticoagulant care  
  • self-management and self-monitoring 
  • adherence to treatment 

How Daiichi Sankyo UK can support population health objectives around AF detection and management

There are many opportunities to partner with Daiichi Sankyo UK to support national, regional, and local healthcare organisations with their DPP objectives.

Daiichi Sankyo UK offers support through different routes and services, including Donations, Grants, and Collaborative Working routes. For further information on the different options available and how Daiichi Sankyo UK can support your health economy, please contact DPP@daiichi-sankyo.co.uk

All initiatives are product-agnostic, non-promotional and do not constitute an inducement to recommend and/or prescribe, purchase, supply, sell or administer specific medicines.  



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