Collaborative Working

Collaborative Working with Daiichi Sankyo

Daiichi Sankyo is committed to working with the NHS to improve patient healthcare. We believe that better patient care can be achieved through Collaborative Working with the NHS, healthcare organisations and other Organisations. 

Collaborative working projects pool skills, experience and/or resources between pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organisations, and others for the benefit of patients or the NHS.

Collaborative Working must either enhance patient care or be for the benefit of patients or, alternatively, benefit the NHS and, as a minimum, maintain patient care. There must be a shared commitment to successful delivery of the project from all parties involved and it must be conducted in an open and transparent manner. It is expected that the arrangements will also benefit the pharmaceutical company or companies involved.

Joint Working

Joint Working is a form of collaborative working which is patient centred and always benefits patients. Our Joint Working collaborations will always focus on delivering better patient outcomes first.

Our approach to partnerships is based on a ‘beyond transactional’ service delivery moving past the traditional pharma-customer model. Some of our Joint or Collaborative Working projects to date have included:

  • Clinical therapy reviews; supporting healthcare professionals to undertake assessments of patient populations and optimise treatment plans
  • Partnering with third parties to provide digital solutions that can improve case finding and protect at-risk patients of stroke and other cardiovascular events, with the aim of improving and closing local detection and protection gaps
  • Initiatives and projects that are aligned to the delivery of better patient outcomes, that reduce health inequalities and improve population health at scale

Executive Summaries

Daiichi Sankyo is working on a number of Collaborative Working Initiatives with the NHS.  Learn more about the outcomes and benefits for patients with our Executive Summaries that demonstrate how our relationship with the NHS is a transparent, consultative and problem-solving partnership to help deliver better care in areas of mutual interest. Read our executive summaries

Joint Working Guidance

Joint Working is an increasingly important part of the relationship between the NHS and pharmaceutical organisations.

The ABPI guide, which is supported by the Department of Health and NHS Confederation, provides a quick reference for those who are considering launching new schemes.

Both the NHS and the ABPI publish guidance materials on Joint Working:

Working with Daiichi Sankyo

For further information on existing Collaborative Working projects or to explore Collaborative Working opportunities with Daiichi Sankyo please email us on and include your contact details, including telephone number or email address, so that we can get back in touch with you.


UK/DSC/03/24/0002 - March 2024

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