Steve Fle-Danijelovic

Brand Manager

What is your role at Daiichi Sankyo?

I am a Brand Manager in the cardiovascular part of our business. I am accountable for various projects across the organisation that relate to our cardiovascular products and I help to drive alignment to brand strategy through a customer-centric approach. I work closely with most internal Daiichi Sankyo functions and key external partner agencies on a daily basis.

What motivates you to work for Daiichi Sankyo?

The people and the genuine focus on patients and the NHS. People here truly believe that we should all benefit, and it shows in what we do and how we do it.

How would you describe the working culture at Daiichi Sankyo?

It is very open, collaborative and feels like true teamwork. It is also clear that Daiichi Sankyo cares about employee safety and mental health and wellbeing. This is reflected in how well we are treated, how much focus is placed on ensuring that we feel happy and ensuring we feel like part of a team where we can make a difference.

What is special about working at Daiichi Sankyo?

The way that you feel like you can make a difference and that you are heard, no matter your role or experience.

How do you ensure a patient-centric approach in your daily work?

It is the cornerstone of not only the company but also the type of people we hire. We really do care.


March 2022

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