Jane McKenna Green

Regional Business Director

What is your role at Daiichi Sankyo?

Regional Sales Director, leading a highly skilled team to deliver solutions to the NHS and support patient access for Daiichi Sankyo’s medicines.

What motivates you to work for Daiichi Sankyo?

I am motivated by how passionate Daiichi Sankyo is around research and getting the right medicine to patients. The people are amazing - we have a unique culture at Daiichi Sankyo where everyone is treated as adults. I feel everyone has a voice and this drives an entrepreneurial spirit. 

How would you describe the working culture at Daiichi Sankyo? 

Our culture is unique, everyone has a voice at Daiichi Sankyo and good ideas are shared freely. We are nimble enough to act quickly when we see new or better ways of doing things. Autonomy would be the best way to describe our culture, and we drive this through respecting each other and trusting each other, with this comes accountability and I believe this supports our current and future success.

What is special about working at Daiichi Sankyo?

The culture, and the people - we work hard, but we also have fun.

How do you ensure a patient-centric approach in your daily work?

I listen to my team and I listen to our healthcare professionals (HCPs). In order to be patient centric we must understand our HCPs’ world, and the challenges they face daily. In addition, it’s crucial to understand our HCPs’ goals for their patients, and also their personal drivers. We need to care deeply about patients to be patient centric and I truly believe at Daiichi Sankyo we do. Not many companies have NHS Collaboration Managers who support joint working projects to improve patient outcomes.


March 2022

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