David Montgomery

Medical Director Oncology

What is your role at Daiichi Sankyo?

I am the UK medical director for oncology. In this role, I lead the medical head office and field-based teams as we strive to bring new medicines to patients with cancer. Every day is different, and can involve discussions with clinicians about clinical trials, working to gain reimbursement for new medicines alongside our market access colleagues, supporting the commercial teams in the development of high quality educational and promotional materials that ensure the optimal use of our medicines and all sorts of other activity besides!

What motivates you to work for Daiichi Sankyo? 

Daiichi Sankyo is at an incredible stage in the journey to becoming a company focussed on oncology.  We are very small, and every single person contributes meaningfully to the success of that journey.

How would you describe the working culture at Daiichi Sankyo?

I think largely because of the small size, Daiichi Sankyo remains a very friendly place to work. Everyone is supportive of one another and there is a real desire to succeed.  It is quite motivational to be part of that.

How do you ensure a patient-centric approach in your daily work?

I am very lucky to have had a lot of experience working with patients and patient groups over the years. Whether that was in my research when I was a surgeon, where we changed the way we care for people who have been treated for breast cancer in the UK and beyond, or the 18 months I spent working at Prostate Cancer UK and speaking to men with prostate cancer every day as I re-wrote the charity research strategy, or the many activities I have undertaken in my work in the pharmaceutical industry. I have learned again and again that keeping the needs of the people who might be using our medicines (the people prescribing them, the people dispensing or administering them, the people taking them) means you make better decisions and ultimately get better outcomes for patients and their families. And that is why I went into medicine in the first place all those many years ago.


March 2022

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