Spotlight on Our Employees

Our employees are the ones who can most accurately describe what it feels like to work for us. Click through the interviews below to learn more!

March 2022

Jane McKenna Green – Regional Business Director

Our culture is unique, everyone has a voice at Daiichi Sankyo and good ideas are shared freely. Read more.

Rebecca Shuttleworth – Hospital Account Executive

There are lots of opportunities to develop yourself and to work on innovative projects. Read more.

Steve Fle-Danijelovic – Brand Manager

It is very open, collaborative and feels like true teamwork. It is also clear that Daiichi Sankyo cares about employee safety and mental health and wellbeing. Read more.

Paul Haczynskyj – Regional Trainer

There is a culture that focusses on getting the job done in an ethical way whilst enjoying what we do. Read more.

Karen Thomas – NHS Collaboration Lead

I’m proud to work for Daiichi Sankyo because of our vision to make a difference, our culture and the lovely people I have the pleasure of working with. Read more.

David Montgomery – Medical Director Oncology

Daiichi Sankyo is at an incredible stage in the journey to becoming a company focussed on oncology. Read more.

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