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Joint Working Summaries

Daiichi Sankyo is proud to work in partnership with a range of NHS organisations to deliver projects with a direct and measurable benefit to patient care.

The projects with which we are currently or recently involved in are shown on the map below. Scroll over the different locations marked on the map to see details on each Joint Working project.

DSC/20/0279 November 2020

Date: Mar 2019
NHS Organisation/Third party: NHS Highland Trust
Brief Description of Project: Evaluation of post stroke arrhythmia monitoring technologies (R-TEST) to allow appropriate use of oral anticoagulant therapy.
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Support: £28,000

Date: Mar 2018
NHS Organisation/Third party: Bradford City Health Federation
Brief Description of Project: “Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation Quality Improvement program (NVAFQIP)”. The overarching aim of this project is to improve the diagnosis rate and prevalence of NVAF and improve the clinical management of new and existing NVAF in primary care.
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Support: £70,000

Date: Oct 2019
NHS Organisation/Third party: NHS Staffordshire STP
Brief Description of Project: To actively support general practice nurse digital champions and a GP-led digital exemplar practice team to cascade digital delivery in their practices with a focus on identifying patients currently undiagnosed with AF or lost to follow-up; engaging patients with AF and/or post-stroke to better manage their health condition(s); thus improving patient adherence to anticoagulant and other medication and improve lifestyle habits.
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Support: £30,000

Date: July 2020
NHS Organisation/Third party: NHS University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust – Heartlands Hospital
Brief Description of Project: A community anticoagulant service for the frail patient population. The aim of this project is to address improved diagnosis and management of Atrial Fibrillation in the frail and elderly.
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Support: £30,000

Date: Mar 2019
NHS Organisation/Third party: North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust
Brief Description of Project: North Central London Anticoagulation pathway prioritisation service. The overarching aim of this project is to optimise anticoagulation services to appropriately identify and treat the anticoagulation needs of domiciliary and care home patients.
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Support: £35,429

Date: Sept 2019
NHS Organisation/Third party: Southwark CCG/ Health Innovation Network (HIN) AHSN
Brief Description of Project: AF Quality Audit: This project seeks to undertake an audit of DOAC prescribing in primary care to assess whether local prescribing practice is safe and effective.
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Support: £28,500

Date: September 2020
NHS Organisation/Third party: Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust
Brief Description of Project: A quality improvement project that aims to reduce time to diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, and improve detection and subsequent management.
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Support: £37,397