Aspiration and Values

Our Purpose

Everyone’s life is full of single precious moments. At Daiichi Sankyo we know how much every one of them matters. That’s why we provide effective options to our patients. To help them – and those who stand beside them – enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Our Mission

We want to transform the way healthcare is delivered to help prevent cardiovascular events and meaningfully contribute to the sustainability of the UK healthcare system.

To help patients more efficiently, we must evolve to effect change for future development of innovative pharmaceuticals, support around reshaping NHS infrastructure, and forging valuable community partnerships.

Our Guiding Principles and Values

Our customers want us to be committed, courageous, collaborative and to act with integrity – thus we are making these values the guiding principle of our daily work:

  • Commitment: 
    We are committed to helping find innovative, affordable and sustainable solutions for the NHS that deliver practical results in health delivery.
  • Courage:
    We proactively listen to the expectations of our local customers to better respond to and support their needs around grassroots health delivery.
  • Collaboration:
    We have a bold ambition to deliver improved health outcomes for patients across the UK.
  • Integrity:
    We pride ourselves on being truly customer-centric and being honest about where we can add value to support health delivery.

A trusted partner of the NHS

Being a trusted partner of the NHS means more than selling medicines. Our focus is to make a positive impact in how healthcare is delivered for the benefit of patients in the UK.

By becoming local NHS experts and proactively listening to our customers and patients, we are able to help support effective change in health delivery that means a win for the NHS, a win for patients and a win for Daiichi Sankyo UK.

The responsibility of the pharmaceutical industry is no longer just transactional, a supplier of medicines, but a provider of broader solutions that can unlock synergies and efficiencies in the health system to ultimately support enhanced patient care.

Only through this truly collaborative approach will we be able to support the NHS around resource allocation and medicines optimisation, drive down health inequalities, and improve overall population health.

More Information

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