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Lipid Grants Programme

Daiichi Sankyo UK Ltd, working with the Academic Health Science Networks (‘AHSN Network’), have developed a grants programme for projects and initiatives in the areas of lipid management, hypercholesterolaemia and mixed dyslipidaemia. This programme is time-limited and will be running until Friday 21st January 2022 (23:59pm)

What types of Grants will be considered as part of this programme?

Daiichi Sankyo UK Ltd, working with the AHSN Network, is committed to supporting projects which enhance patient care, or benefit the NHS and maintain patient care, in lipid management.

Examples of these are:

  • Patient education activities and materials
  • Patient organisation support
  • Grants to charitable organisations
  • Grants to organisation for educational events

These initiatives may involve new pathways to identify patients with high cholesterol in primary, secondary or community settings or new approaches to manage patients which will ensure appropriate annual follow up or innovative (digital) solutions to ensure patients are appropriately and adequately managed.

What are the criteria used to determine which grants are funded?

All funding approval is at the discretion of Daiichi Sankyo UK Ltd and advisors representing the AHSN Network. Request for funding as part of this programme should be applicable to lipid management only.

Daiichi Sankyo UK Ltd and advisors representing the AHSN Network will consider the following factors when evaluating which activities to support. Does the project or initiative:

  • enhance patient care beyond that provided in routine practice within the NHS
  • benefit and enable the NHS to improve care for patients
  • support healthcare, scientific research or education
  • meet the UK regulatory requirements of the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

If support is provided through this grant, this must be acknowledged and apparent on any materials associated with the activity e.g. educational items or materials used.

In line with the requirements of the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry, details of grants funding provided by Daiichi Sankyo UK will be publicly disclosed annually on the ABPI central website platform for disclosure in the UK.

What is the process for grant approval in the UK?

All applications received will be evaluated by the Grants committee as part of this initiative. This committee will include the Daiichi Sankyo UK Compliance Director, Medical Director and Finance Controller, and advisors representing the AHSN Network.

The committee will be accepting proposal submissions until Friday 21st January 2022 (23:59pm). After this date, the application process will close.

The committee will then meet to review the applications based on the above considerations. A reply to each request will then be issued advising of the outcome of the process.

External advisors participating in the grants committee are contributing in their independent capacity, on behalf of the AHSN Network, and to offer expertise in line with the above criteria for grant allocations to projects which can improve patient care in the area of lipid management. The external advisors will not be submitting proposals and will not have access to the grant funding for their own projects or initiatives.

Application process for grants

For applications for grants meeting the criteria outlined in the “Lipid Grants Programme”, from Daiichi Sankyo UK Ltd, please download and complete the appropriate form and the anti-bribery assessment form (see below)

Please email the completed forms to  before the deadline of Friday 21st January 2022 (23:59pm)

What items/activities will not be funded by a UK Grant:

  • Requests for grants to be spent on routine capital equipment or building funds, such as capital or operating expenses 
  • Website development
  • Social events (such as Charity Balls, Student graduation celebrations)
  • Donations to charities based outside the UK or those not associated with healthcare
  • Investigator Initiated Trials. Requests for funding related to clinical trials should be sent directly to the UK Medical Director
  • Travel grants for Healthcare Professionals to attend scientific conferences.
  • Sponsorship of a meeting at which Daiichi Sankyo will have an exhibition stand or its employees will attend in return for sponsoring the meeting. Requests for sponsorship of such meetings should be discussed with your local Daiichi Sankyo Sales Professional
  • Request from healthcare professionals for funding support to attend educational events or congresses
  • Any activity or professional development that would be expected to be carried out to maintain registration to a professional body and/or for appraisal and revalidation
  • Grants will not be provided directly to an individual. An individual may apply on behalf of an organisation but will not be in receipt of the full grant in an independent capacity

Adverse Event Reporting

Please do not use these forms to report adverse events. If you experience any adverse effects whilst taking a Daiichi Sankyo product, please report the event via email to or telephone 0800 028 5122.

Information on the reporting of adverse events can be obtained from

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